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The Montagues And Cat-ulets

| Romantic | January 21, 2013

(I’m instant messaging my long distance boyfriend.)

Me: “I want to see you.”

Boyfriend: “Right now?”

Me: “Yeah. Can you get on Skype?”

Boyfriend: “Yes, but you won’t like what you see. Sorry.”

Me: *suspicious* “Um… okay. As long as you’re not naked in bed making out with your cat or something.”

Boyfriend: *noticeably long pause* “…Yes.”

(We connect on Skype, but I can’t see him. Something’s in the way.)

Me: “Hey, something’s blocking the camera. What – oh my God, what is this!?”

(The thing moves, to reveal my boyfriend laying on a bed of rose petals, naked except for a towel on his head, singing, and surrounded by lit candles. I figured out that the thing that was covering the camera was actually his cat, as he grabs it and starts snuggling with it.)

Boyfriend: “See, I said it was weird! I say you won’t like it, but you didn’t believe me!” *exaggerated pout*

(After I got done laughing for a good ten minutes, I found out that his theatre friends had come over to use his room as the set of their production of Romeo and Juliet. This still marks the moment when I really knew that this man was for me.)

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