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The Money Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Fake

| Learning | June 29, 2015

(I have recently gone back to college to get more qualifications. As part of the induction day we do an activity in groups where we are given one hundred fake pounds to buy materials with which to make a raft. My team comes up with a design that will cost 63 fake pounds, leaving us some change to make later additions if we want them. We go to the materials “store” to buy our materials and I have this exchange with the person running it.)

“Store” Keeper: “So that’s… £30 plus £8, add £25 so it’s uh…”

Me: “It’s £63.”

“Store” Keeper: “That’s right; £63 please.”

(I hand over £65, expecting £2 in change.)

“Store” Keeper: “Okay, here is your change.”

(He hands me £35.)

Me: “Are you sure about that?”

(He proceeds to explain the huge train of logic he went through to get there which had something to do with me paying £65 total and handing over £100.)

Me: “But I gave you £65… You owe me £2; that’s it.”

“Store” Keeper: “Oh… uh, yes, that’s right. Sorry.”

(The best part? I found out the next day that he was my maths teacher…)

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