The Misogyny Convention Is In Town!

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I work in a grocery store. One day, I got an influx of… I don’t know where they hailed from, but there must have been a convention of them in town. I am female, and this day our male-customer ratio was through the roof.

Several barked, “Manager!” and each time, they demanded a man to ring them up. Since our cashiers are largely female, this means that the manager and our stock boys would have had to use the register all day — and the stock boys aren’t trained for, or responsible for the registers.

When the manager basically told them that they could be rung up by a woman, or they could leave without their products, they became insufferably rude.

All of them either threw their cash on the conveyor belt or slapped it on that little platform for filling out checks. When I greeted them, they glared. When I talked to them, they clamped their mouths closed and refused to so much as look me in the eye. When I tried to give them change, they leaped back like I had the plague and wordlessly jammed a finger at the check platform.

I would put their change down, and they wouldn’t touch it unless my hands were well away from their money, because they refused to touch it if I even vaguely made a motion in the change’s direction after I put it down.

And they just kept coming. A few hours in, the manager grabbed the PA system and made announcements at hourly intervals stating that all customers would be rung up by a woman and that if a customer was “uncomfortable” with it, then we regretfully wished to refer them to another store to make their purchase.

Thankfully, this nonsense only lasted a single day, though by closing, we were all thoroughly sick of it.

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