The Meat Of The Problem

, | Working | January 24, 2014

(Though not a vegetarian, I love a good egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. I am in the drive-thru.)

Me: “Hi! I’d like a [combo], with no meat, and a coffee to drink.”

Cashier: “So you want [sandwich] with sausage instead?”

Me: “No. No meat. Just egg and cheese, please!”

Cashier: “It comes with ham.”

Me: “No, thanks! I just want egg and cheese.”

Cashier: “The sandwich comes with ham. If you want it without meat, you have to order it without meat.”

Me: *thinking that’s what I had just done* “Then I would like it in the combo with no meat, please.”

Cashier: “With coffee to drink?”

Me: “Yes, please!”

(The rest of the transaction goes just fine. I got home and found that my breakfast sandwich with no meat was a fish sandwich with an egg patty on it.)

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