The Measure Of A Man

| Learning | May 8, 2014

(I am doing an introductory soil practical in a group with Classmate #1 and Classmate #2, both of whom are women like me. We have to wet the soil and make ‘snakes’ with it to test its strength by measuring its length. The lecturer is demonstrating to us.)

Lecturer: “There, that’s it! Now how long do you think that is?”

Me: “About 6 cm?”

Lecturer: *smirking at me* “You know what they say: don’t ever ask a woman to measure anything, because she’s been lied to her whole life!”

(The three of us look at him in shock at his sexist joke.)

Classmate #1: *not confidently* “Maybe it’s more like 4 cm?”

Classmate #2: “…or less?”

Me: “Where’s the tape measure?”

(Classmate #2 measures the mud ‘snake’ and it is almost exactly 6 cm long. The lecturer loses his smug expression.)

Lecturer: “Hmph. Well, anyway, that’s how you do it.”

(He then walks away without an apology or even an acknowledgement that I was correct!)

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