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The Meanest Animal Is Not In The Zoo

, , , | Related | June 28, 2018

(I live in the Netherlands. I’m about nine, and my family — uncle, aunt, and cousins — from the USA are visiting. Around their visit, the rest of the family has planned some activities, one of them being a day at the zoo. We agree to arrive at our other aunt and uncle’s place in the morning, so we can go to the zoo from there on together, and ride along with them since we don’t have a car. My aunt answers the door in her bathrobe. Apparently, my uncle is still in bed, too.)

Aunt: “Oh, you guys are here already? What time did we agree on, again?”

Mom: “Around ten in the morning, which it is now.”

Aunt: “Oh, silly us! Don’t worry; we’ll get ready. Why don’t you come in and have a coffee in the meantime?”

(Two hours later, both aunt and uncle seem ready to go; they’ve showered, had breakfast, and all. We kids are getting excited to finally go… but the morning rolls by, turning into afternoon, and all of us are still sitting in their backyard, having coffee, and making no attempt at all to leave. As you can imagine, we kids are bored to tears. My mom and my other aunt and uncle drop some hints to our hosts what the idea of the day was, but my aunt waves it away with “still having plenty of time.” My uncle doesn’t dare to disagree with his wife, and just meekly lets it happen. Three pm rolls by.)

Me: *to my mom* “I thought we were going to the zoo. What time are we leaving?”

Mom: *gritting teeth* “Not anytime soon, most likely.”

(The day was spent at their place, not going to the zoo. My aunt behaved like this with every single plan we made for the rest of the week that my USA family was there. My USA family didn’t speak to that aunt for several years. When my uncle did finally divorce her, we all cheered.)

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