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The Mansplaining Paradox: When A Man Explains What Mansplaining Is

, , , | Right | October 12, 2021

An ex-girlfriend’s family works in party supplies and decoration. Occasionally, they get a massive order and I help out.

On one of these times, we just drop the first van load to the hall, I help get it all unpacked, and then, while they drive back to get the second load, I take the things inside.

I get done pretty quickly. As I am waiting, I notice some of the family putting up the decorations. One of the women is struggling pretty badly with some of the tissue flowers. Putting up the decorations is not part of our service, but I have some time.

Me: “Hi, I’m part of [Company]. I have a moment if you would like any help?”

Woman #1: *Nearly shouting* “I can do it myself!”

Me: “Okay, I was only asking.”

Woman #1: “Well, don’t! I don’t need some man, mansplaining things to me.”

I can tell she is frustrated, but she is practically spitting at me. I go to wait outside, when one of the other women waves at me.

Woman #2: “Hi, sorry, I would like some help if that’s okay?”

Me: “Sure, these can be tricky if you’ve never done them before. The trick is not to use tape; it just rips them. Look.”

Woman #2: “Oh, wow. That’s great! Thank you!”

I can hear the first woman still b****ing , first about me and then the flowers. She finally throws the flowers on the floor and storms out.

Woman #2: “Sorry about her. She is always like this.”

The van turned up and I had to help unload the rest. I learnt after the party that they had left an amazing review and had tipped pretty well!