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The Managers Shifty Behavior

| Working | March 24, 2015

(I commute to my job from my parents’ house about 45 minutes to an hour away in heavy traffic. I get there early, but stop and talk to a coworker outside for about 15 minutes to loosen up, being extremely frustrated and defeated from the traffic and rush to get there. Three of my other coworkers pass me and go inside. When I go inside, my boss tells me he ‘doesn’t need me today,’ which is not uncommon for the last person to arrive at work for an overbooked party. He assumes I drove from my own apartment 10 minutes away.)

Me: “Wh– what?”

Boss: “Yes, I don’t need you today. You can go home.”

Me: “You really can’t use me? I just drove an hour to get here from my parents’ house.”

Boss: “Too many servers. I don’t need you, sorry. You were last to get here.”

Me: *about to cry from frustration* “I clocked in at exactly at 10:30…” *plays with machine* “See?”

Boss: *pulls me behind a bar and takes $20 out of his wallet* “Here, go put some gas in your car and call back at 12 to get another shift for tonight.”

Me: “Noooo problem.”

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