The Manager Takes All The Credit

| Working | June 25, 2014

(This happened in the summer of 2002 before people really took security seriously. I am 19 and working as the cashier at a restaurant. At around 7 pm, I get the following phone call:)

Caller: *on a very garbled line* “Have you been taking credit card payments today?”

Me: “Yes.”

Caller: “We haven’t been receiving any from you. What we need you to do is split up all the receipts by card, and then read me the numbers and the expiration dates.”

Me: *not trusting this guy* “I don’t have the authority to do that. You’d need to speak to the manager.”

Caller: “Okay, we’ll call back in a half an hour to speak to him.”

(Thinking this is very weird, I go to the manager, explain what happened, and emphasize that this felt very sketchy. He, however, hears “credit card payments not going through” and rushes to his office to await the call which comes through. At around 7:45, he comes down.)

Manager: “I need you to sort all of the credit card receipts out by type of card. All the Mastercard together, all the Visa together, all the Amex together.”

Me: “I really don’t think—”

Manager: *giving me an exasperated look* “I don’t have time for this right now. Just do it. The credit card company is going to call back in an hour so I can read him the numbers and expiration dates.”

(I did as he asked. Two days later, I came into work to find him in the bar area of the restaurant speaking with a State Trooper. After asking around a little, I found that there had been a rash of credit card fraud in the area where a guy had been calling in and having restaurants give him credit card info.)

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