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The Manager Isn’t Always Right, Either

, , , | Working | May 14, 2022

A woman came in and ordered over $100 worth of food for a party she was having. I was the only person to put the orders together and bag them all up.

The head manager came in to start his shift, walked past my register, and noticed my timer saying fifteen minutes. The expected service time is five minutes maximum per customer. He proceeded to rip my head off in front of everyone.

The customer stepped forward and showed the huge receipt.

Customer: *To the manager* “Apologize to him right now, or give me my money back!”

He did apologize, but the woman stared daggers at him for a punishing thirty seconds and then said:

Customer: “You know what? Give me the number to corporate! This is exactly why I ended up going into business for myself! These people who work for you aren’t horses or sled dogs!”

I don’t know if she called corporate, but I do know that my manager became VERY friendly to everyone from then on! If I made a mistake on an order, he would simply show me the error with a disapproving look, and anything positive I did would be met with, “Nicely done! I appreciate your effort!”

I never got the lady’s name but if I hadn’t been so broke at the time, her order would have been on me!

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