The Magic Of The Yum Yums  

, , , , , | Right | November 25, 2019

(It’s a very busy day and we only have one person cashiering, and I’m trying to clean as quickly as possible. Our counters are glass-fronted; I have the glass lifted and am in the process of cleaning the underside, with my back to the shop, using the reflection to keep an eye on two teenage lads hanging about the sandwich selector. I notice another man acting strangely, picking up packets of cakes and putting them back down. Switching focus to him, I notice as he picks up a box of yum yums and turns to leave, so I pursue him out the door.)


(He turns, glaring at me, and I expect he’ll either walk off or attack me. To my astonishment, he does neither.)

Thief: “DON’T F****** SHOUT AT ME!”

(He then THROWS the cakes at me and runs off, and to my utter astonishment, I CATCH them in midair!)

Me: “Don’t steal, then!”

Teenage Boy #1: “Wow, that was a h*** of a catch!”

Teenage Boy #2: “How did you even see him?!”

Me: “I’m magic.”

(I think I was more shocked than anyone else that I caught those cakes! When I told my manager she was almost on the floor laughing. Still the coolest way I’ve ever stopped a thief at work.)

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