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The Magic Of Kisses

| Romantic | January 28, 2015

(I am mopping the kitchen, and have mopped my husband into the corner, so he hops up and sits on the counter while he is doing something on his phone. I start working in the breakfast nook and ask him to take a tote downstairs.)

Husband: “Can’t. The floor is lava.”

Me: “Yes, you can, and I’ll give you magic to save yourself.”

(He gets to me with ‘floor is lava’ rules and stands on a chair so I can give him his magic to keep him safe – a kiss you hold in your hand. He takes the tote, without letting the kiss out, and heads downstairs. I then hear him squeal in the basement. The magic is wearing off. Up he comes, running, for another kiss to hold, and then he flees to his counter to sit. When I need my counter back:)

Me: “Don’t worry. I took the lava away, but I’ll give you another kiss to hold.”

Husband: “What is this kiss for if I’m safe from lava and started to let it go?”

Me: “NO!”

(He freezes.)

Me: “If you let that kiss go, your thingy will fall off!”

Husband: “Quick, turn the floor back to lava!”

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