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The Magic Of Childhood

| Related | July 26, 2013

(My husband is British, and I am Canadian. I have moved overseas for him, and we have started a family. Because I am a foreigner, and the fact that a couple other woman in the community do not believe that I deserve my husband, I am the target of rude gossip and mean remarks, which I usually ignore. I am picking my son up from daycare, and overhear a couple boys my son’s age talking to him.)

Boy #1: “My mother tells me I’m not to play with you; your mum is an evil witch!”

Boy #2: “My mum told me your mum put a spell on your dad so he’d marry her, and then when he had you he was stuck!”

(They continue with a few more taunts asking if I’m a witch. I am close to tears because my son is being pulled into this stupid grudge. I am about to take my son and leave, when he suddenly pipes up.)

Son: “Oh, I know she’s a witch. You know how?”

(Both boys shake their heads.)

Son: “Because everything she does is magic!”

(I really start crying now and hug my son tightly. He never understood until years later just how much his words meant to me. The gossip didn’t go away for a long time, but I had my son’s support for his ‘witchy mother’.)

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