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The Lost Hour Of Your Discontent

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(My mother and I are having a casual discussion in the living room. My best friend is also there, watching TV. Suddenly, Mum changes the subject.)

Mum: “It’s daylight saving this weekend.”

Me: “Oh, right.”

Mum: “What do they do with the extra hour?”

(My friend and I exchange a glance.)

Me: “What do you mean?”

Mum: “When we turn the clocks back, we lose an hour. What do they do with it?”

Me: “Um, what? And who is ‘they‘?”

Mum: “The government, I suppose.”

(My friend is barely containing his laughter.)

Me: “Mum, there is no extra hour. We’re changing the time we say it is; we’re not changing time itself.”

Mum: “Don’t get smart with me! I know what I’m talking about. I want to know what they do with the hour they take from us!”

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