The Long Way Round To The Wrong Way Round

| Working | September 26, 2013

(I work in a more specialized department, and customer service transfers a lot of calls they can’t handle to various departments.)

Customer Service: “One of our customers has [issue].”

Me: “I’m sorry, but here in [my department] we can’t help with that; you need to call [other department].”

Customer Service: “I tried calling them, but they were too busy. I was waiting on hold for a long time.”

Me: “I still can’t help them. We don’t have the entitlements on our computers needed to fix that.”

Customer Service: “Can’t you do something?”

Me: “We don’t have a direct line to [other department], so I’d actually have to transfer them back to your department.”

Customer Service: “Could you tell them that?”

Me: “Do you want to transfer the call to the wrong department so we can tell them that they’ve been transferred to the wrong department?”

Customer Service: “Yes.”

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