The Little Squirt Knows What It Is Doing

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My cat is generally a lovable cuddleball who has free reign of the house, but we have two rules for him: do not jump on the kitchen counter, and do not meow repeatedly and obnoxiously for the fancy canned food he gets every day at four — he has unlimited dry food — to try to get it early or more than once. We enforce these by squirting him with cool water. He’s a smart cat who understands the rules, and like all cats, hates being sprayed with water.

One day was extremely hot — about 110 degrees — and the air conditioner wasn’t working properly, so the inside of the house felt miserable. In addition, my cat seemed to be taking out his frustration by meowing as obnoxiously as possible, jumping on the counter right in front of us, and trying to nudge us toward where we keep the canned food. Obviously, we squirted him with the cool water.

When he started purring, we realized that he knew exactly what he was doing, and that we didn’t think the punishment through.

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