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The Little Devils Are Little Angels

| Working | June 6, 2016

(I am a mother of four. Sadly, my second child passed away shortly after birth. I am at the store with my three surviving children, eight, four, and two. My kids are acting up a bit, but nothing too bad: staying the cart, just talking a little loudly, and the four-year-old is asking for stuff.)

Cashier: “Having a good day?”

Me: *my typical response* “With these kids? It’s always a good day.”

Cashier: “Really? Even when they are being like that?”

Me: “Yep! I’ve got one kid dead and in heaven, so any day with these kids—” *gestures to my sweeties who yes, are currently being loud, but staying in the cart* “—is a GOOD ONE.”

Cashier: *shuts up*

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