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The Line Goes Cinnamon And On

| Friendly | June 16, 2016

(My friends are in the checkout line, but the people in front of us are trying to buy a wastebasket which doesn’t have a price tag, and they can’t remember where they got it from. As they’re going through this ordeal, I decide to wander off since I’m not buying anything and come back a little while later.)

Friend: “Where did you run off to?”

Me: “I went and got a cinnamon roll.”

Friend: “So, then, where’s the cinnamon roll?”

Me: “I ate it already.”

Friend #2: “Wait a minute! You mean to tell us that you went off, bought a cinnamon roll, ate it, and in that entire time, we haven’t moved a f****** inch in this line?!”

(I decided not to tell them that I went to the bathroom as well.)

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