The Lights Are Off But Somebody Is Home

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(I am an observer in this story. I am in line behind a woman, who is next in line at a grocery store checkout. There are two lanes in operation, both marked “20 items,” but nobody is counting; it’s not a big deal. For the line I’m in, there’s a young man running the register, ringing up a guy’s groceries, maybe ten items total. The other register is run by an older guy who is ALWAYS there; he’s super-efficient. He’s got five or six people in his line. He had to run over to the customer service desk to grab some cigarettes, but that took him a minute maybe. The lady in front of me questions the younger guy:)

Customer: “Are you open?”

Cashier: *just finishing up the guy that was in line ahead of the woman* “Yes, ma’am, I sure am!”

Customer: “Are you open? The reason I’m asking is that your light is off!”

Cashier: *leans over and flips the light on* “Sorry, I just jumped and started ringing people up!”

Customer: *holding her two items* “Are you open, then?!”

Cashier:Yes, I am open!” *reaches for the two items*

Customer:Well, I was confused! Should I go over there? Is that guy there? Is he open? Your light wasn’t on! What am I supposed to think?! It’s confusing! There’s nobody over there, and your light is off! I don’t think I should have to pay for things, since it’s so confusing!

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