The Lies Flow Out Of You

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(I am about seven or eight, and my sister is a year younger. My aunt is coming over, and she always bring us treats. My sister and I are very close, and when my aunt has left the room, my sister makes sure nobody is watching and I look in my aunt’s bag. I find a small bar of chocolate. Loving chocolate, I eat all of it, not giving any to my sister. She then turns around, looking to see if I had found anything.)

Sister: “[My Name], have you found anything?”

Me: “Nope, let’s go to the other room and relax.”

(We then leave and are relaxing in the next room when my mom comes running in.)

Mom: “Who ate [Aunt]’s chocolate!?”

(Not wanting to get in trouble, I immediately blame my sister.)

Me: “[Sister] did!”

Mom: “[Sister], get up, and come with me! [My Name], you stay here!”

(I later found out that my mom had taken my aunt and my sister to the hospital. That chocolate wasn’t actually plain chocolate. It was chocolate to help with my aunt’s constipation. So, while my sister was at the hospital getting needles and shots in her, I, the idiot, was sitting on the toilet the whole time. Keep in mind that was roughly four hours. Lesson learned.)

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