The Lease Of Your Worries

| Friendly | April 29, 2015

(Three college friends and I are looking at new places to rent, starting at the beginning of our summer break. We find a place that looks relatively nice, is in a good neighborhood, but is unfinished. We sign the lease in January under the condition that the house will be livable by July. What results is an absolute disaster, with the house not having electricity or running water, legal threats given by the landlord’s daughter, and emergency maintenance by the landlord’s son. We cannot reach any of them about when the house will be completed and livable. After no more than three days of being there, and no finish date in sight, we get a phone call from our landlord:)

Landlord: “I’m sick and tired of you guys harassing my family and harassing me about when this job is going to be done. I’ve never met such rude people in my life, asking for so many unreasonable things. I’m tearing up the lease right now and you’re going to get refunds. I want you out in two days.”

(He then hung up. No apologies were ever given. This nearly cost all of us our summer employment, and we had to find new places to live before the new school year!)

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