The Learning Dead, Part 5

| OH, USA | Learning | January 14, 2016

(In our sociology class, we have to do PowerPoint presentations on folk legends or fairy tale creatures. I choose to do mine on the ribbon girl, whose head would fall off should the ribbon around her neck be removed. I’m not great with public speaking, but to win points with the crowd, I choose to include several instances of the ribbon girl in pop culture, among other references. The teacher, I, and several other students in the class are fans of the popular zombie series on television, so I end my presentation this way.)

Me: “So, if you ever meet a girl with a ribbon around her neck, don’t remove it. Unless, of course, you want her to end up like…” *I flip to the next slide, which shows a picture of the severed head of a well-liked character who had gotten his head chopped off by that season’s antagonist* “…this guy.”

(Several students scream or make shocked noises or “ohhh”s. One girl seemed especially sad.)

Classmate: “TOO SOON!”

Teacher: *turns to her and throws his hands in the air in disbelief* “It’s been TWO YEARS!”


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