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The Late Debate

| Working | August 3, 2013

(We have a bad coworker who always calls out of shifts last minute, and is late when she does show up. We always have to pick up her slack, and we’re fed up with it. We have all talked to the boss, but he refuses to fire her; we believe he is sleeping with her. Most of us are looking for another job, but jobs are scare around our area.)

Me: *on phone* “Hello, thank you for calling. How may I help you?”

Other Coworker: “[My name], tell the boss I’m not showing up. If [bad coworker] can call out, so can I.” *click*

Me: “Wha?”

(This is bad, because I can’t do everything alone. I call the bad coworker, who doesn’t answer. Then I call the boss, who says he’s calling our bad coworker. Soon after, the bad coworker hurries in, her hair messed up like she just rode in the back of a motorcycle.)

Me: “Phew! You made it!”

Bad Coworker: “Never mind that! Why didn’t you call me first? You tattletale!”

Me: “I did call you, but you didn’t answer!”

Bad Coworker: “F*** that! My phone’s always on! You’re just a tattletale, trying to get me in trouble!”

Me: “So let me get this straight: I have to call you to come in on time?”

Bad Coworker: “Yes! Is there a problem with that?”

Me: “…”