The Last Gesture Just Takes The Cake

, , , | Working | April 19, 2016

(A friend and I are out for lunch. We’re both somewhat socially awkward and have been quiet and stumbling over our words a bit when speaking to others since entering. We’re attempting to pay for our meal and not doing the best job of it. We’ve been trying to sort out coins and not drop any while talking for about a minute and a half.)

Me: *mumbling* “So, uh, that would’ve been three pounds… or would it have been two? And added to yours it would be—”

Friend: “I think the drinks were two fifty? And added to the meal—”

Me: “But how much each is that? Do we pay the whole thing split in half or for our own meals separately or—”

Lady At The Till: “Would you like me to tell you how much it was each?”

(The relief must be visible on our faces because she smiles at us, and then gives us the prices for our meals separately. After we’ve paid, however, I realise a slight problem; there was something we hadn’t paid for due to having split it between us and not a slice each since there had only been one left.)

Me: “Wait, what about the cake? Do we… do we pay for that half each since we split it? Or should I pay since I had the cheaper meal? Or—”

Lady At The Till: “Don’t worry about the cake. You can just have it on us.”

(We were both surprised by this and spent a little while longer stumbling over our words while asking if she was sure. She assured us that she was and was remarkably patient about the whole thing. We thanked her and left. It was a small thing, really, but it left me feeling warm inside the rest of the day.)

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