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The Last Day Of The Great Complainer

, , | Right | January 3, 2019

(It is my last day working at a movie theater, and I am really just ready to go home. However, right as we open, I can tell my last day will certainly not be a celebratory experience for me. An elderly woman and her husband walk up as I am preparing my station.)

Elderly Woman: “Get me a hot dog with extra mustard.”

Me: “I’m sorry, we just opened and the fryer is just starting up. It’ll be about fifteen minutes until it’s ready, so unless you’re willing to wait that long, unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do.”

Elderly Woman: *growls in discontentment* “Fine. Get me a medium popcorn.”

Me: “No problem.”

(I gesture to my coworker to scoop the popcorn while I take the rest of the woman’s order, as there is no line at her till.)

Me: “Is there anything else I can get you?”

Elderly Woman: “You? You just made that poor girl fill your order. I guess I’ll give her my money then.”

Coworker: “Oh, ma’am, it’s no problem. We have this system where anyone not serving helps out the person serving. It’s something we all do.”

Elderly Woman: “Well, in my opinion, it’s wrong. Anyway, get me a large soda and a box of candy. Oh, and for my husband, some nachos with extra cheese, a coffee, and another large drink.”

Me: “Absolutely. Is that going to be it?”

Elderly Woman: “Just tell me the price; you know that’s it.”

Me: “Okay, that’s going to be $33.56.”

Elderly Woman: “You do realize that you’re stealing, right? This is absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot believe you would charge me this.”

(I am used to customers complaining about prices — it happens all the time — but this lady has been irking me the whole time and I am starting to get fed up.)

Me: “Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about the price. I am just an employee and I just have to enforce the price, as ridiculous as it is.”

Elderly Woman: “You don’t have to charge me that much; your company has always been crooks and you’re no better. Stop acting like you are any better than the rest of them.”

(I finish filling the drink and print out her receipt. I admit, I put the receipt on the counter somewhat aggressively. It is nothing I would consider rude, but who am I to judge my own actions?)

Elderly Woman: *screaming* “I do not appreciate your attitude, young man. I am a customer, and I am allowed to be as b****y as I’d like.”

Me: “Well, as I said, ma’am, I’m just an employee, and I don’t personally enjoy being treated with disrespect, either. I believe up until this point I have tried to be accommodating as possible, and I apologize for the prices, but again, unfortunately, I cannot do anything about them, and I just wish customers would understand that.”

(She signs the receipt, pushes it off the counter behind my feet, and grabs her order.)

Elderly Woman: “I will be writing about you to your manager. I expect you will be fired for the way you treated me.”

Me: “I understand. I truly hope that doesn’t happen.”

(Of course, only I know this is my last day, and I could use that, but I decide it’s too much, so I decide to leave it be. The woman begins storming off, eventually spilling her entire popcorn on the floor.)

Me: *shouting* “Enjoy your movie!”

(The woman growled and stormed off into her movie. My coworker did defend me when my supervisor asked about it, and all I got was a reprimand not to do it again and a couple of good laughs. I kind of miss that job now, to be honest.)

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