The Language Of Intolerance

| Friendly | January 30, 2016

(My cousins from Quebec are visiting, and I took my little cousin who only speaks French to McDonalds for lunch.)

Me: “Vous desirez?” *what would you like*

Cousin: “Je voudrais un hamburger.” *I would like a hamburger*

(I proceed to give her order to the cashier.)

Customer #1: “Excuse me, but you shouldn’t be speaking gibberish in anĀ American restaurant.”

Me: “Actually, we were speaking French as she is unable to speak English.”

Customer #1: “Well, she should learn to speak our language if she comes here.”

Customer #2: “What makes you think a small child can learn another language in a week?”

(I left soon after hearing this; I believe they were arguing for quite some time, because my other cousin said he didn’t see them walk out for 30 more minutes.)

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