The Kitten That Chose You

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Both of our rather elderly cats died a few years ago, and everyone in my family has missed them terribly. Two years later, my parents are just starting to talk about how it might be time to get another cat. That night, when they let the family dog out into the yard, she immediately gets her head and shoulders under the deck, barking happily at something under one of the crossbeams. My dad crawls under to take a look, and finds the scrawniest, scraggliest little orange kitten he’s ever seen, soaking wet and sneezing.

She’s terrified of everything, but of us especially, and she’s in such bad shape we’re not sure she’ll make it through the night, but lo and behold, six months and several vet visits later, she’s finally back up to a healthy weight, and she now loves nothing better than being picked up and cuddled. If you sit down, she’ll be in your lap or draped around your shoulders within a minute, and she loves play-wrestling with the family dog — who is always careful to be gentle and not hurt her much smaller little sister!

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