The Kid Is Sick Of It Too

| Friendly | October 16, 2015

(I am taking a train home from Stockholm after finishing work. There’s a young man and a toddler boarding the same train. The toddler has a cold and a fever, and is thus very unhappy and crying and screaming. The man, seemingly no older than 23, can’t get the toddler to calm down no matter what he tries. Eventually, the other passengers start to get irritated by the constant noise, much to the young man’s distress. Suddenly, the toddler starts to projectile-vomit all over his seat, which makes it cry and scream even more. The cabin is now noisy as well as smelly. At this point, the man looks about ready to break down from stress and embarrassment, and a conductor is called in to help clean the mess up. When the train finally arrives at the station, the toddler has still not calmed down. An older woman approaches the man and offers some sympathy.)

Woman: “Oh, kids can be quite tough to take care of sometimes, can’t they?”

Young Man: *screaming* “THIS IS NOT EVEN MY KID!”

(Turned out he was just taking care of the kid for some friends!)

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