The Key To The Keycard Is LOOKING At Them

, , | Right | November 10, 2019

(We are an expensive hotel, due to being in a touristy, historical part of downtown. As such, the customers are more demanding. A thunderstorm has knocked out our power, and the hotel doesn’t have a backup source. I’ve had to deal with a lot of nasty guests because of this and I’m very stressed. A very tall guy walks up.)

Guest: “Has your power been fixed yet?”

Me: “No, we are still working on it.”

Guest: *tosses keycard and DL at me* “This is BS! I’m paying $350 at a place like this! Plus, my keycard doesn’t work!”

(The locks have their own batteries, so that’s strange. Since our computers don’t work, I check our files.)

Me: “[Room], right?”

Guest: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, I figured out the problem; this keycard doesn’t work because this is from a different chain!” *holds it up*

(There’s a little silence while his face turns white and two spots of red appear. Our keycard machine also has a battery, so I make him another one.)

Me: “There, this one should work.” *smiles*

(I thought that he’d blow up for my snarkiness, but he just took it and scooted out of my sight as fast as he could. The electric company restored our power an hour later and the next day when he was checking out, he couldn’t look at me.)

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