The Key To Decent Parking

| Friendly | November 17, 2016

(Shopping with young children can be challenging; just getting in and out of a car can be a massive pain. Even if there is enough space, having to watch a child next to a busy road whilst trying to struggle with a car seat is a serious issue. Thankfully, this time there is a parent and child bay. I have my eldest next to me whilst I have plenty of room to unbuckle and negotiate the seat out of the car. Just as I get the both sorted a two seater convertible pulls in to the parent bay next to me, and two middle-aged woman get out.)

Me: “What do you think you are playing at?”

Woman: “What?”

Me: “We need these spaces! There are loads more. Go park somewhere else.”

Woman: “F*** off. I’ll park where I want. I don’t want my car dinged.”

Me: “Yeah, it is a nice car. It certainly would be a shame if someone scratched it. Wouldn’t it?”

Woman: “What are you saying?”

Me: “Me? Nothing. But I know a lot of people are sick of people like you.”

Woman: “You wouldn’t dare!”

Me: “Me? I don’t know what you mean. But to be on the safe side, why don’t you move your car?”

(They did! Of course I would never do something like that, but hopefully someone learned their lesson.)

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