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The Joffrey School Of Parenting

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(When I am a kid, we have neighbors who have a son who is roughly my age, so our parents decide we should be playmates. However, partway through elementary school, we notice my toys and stuff go missing after he comes over, and we end up catching him stuffing some of our toys in his bag. We take them back and my mom sends him home. An hour later, his mom show up and starts demanding that we give her son “his” toys. Mom explains what we found and tells her that this is not okay, and then his mom drops this gem.)

Neighbor: “If he really likes something, that makes it his. Don’t be selfish.”

(Mom slammed the door in her face, and we stopped interacting with them. We ended up catching him trying to actually break into our house when we were hosting a neighborhood barbecue a year or so later, which caused more drama, but his parents kept enabling him.)

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