The Job Is Not So Secure

| Working | December 5, 2014

(Our hotel is near a stadium, so a lot of the guests become unruly especially after an event there. Because of this, the manager just hired a security guard to control them when they’re being too loud and noisy.)

Guests: *causing a ruckus*

Me: “[Security], go and make those guests calm down. Other guests will complain.”

Security: “Why?”

Me: “Because… it’s your job?”

Security: “Fine.”

(He goes but instead of telling the guests to settle down, he brings them to me.)

Security: “Here.”

Me: *sighs* “Dear guests, we ask that you please keep it down since other are trying to sleep.”

Guests: “Okay.”

(All night long, I’m trying to calm the guests down and instead of helping, the security guard just stares and doesn’t do anything. One guest that the guard brings even tries to grab me, and he still does and says nothing. Finally…)

Me: *to security guard* “Okay, you DO know that your job is to help me with these out of control guests, right?”

Security: “Yeah… I am.”

Me: “No, you’re not. You’re just bringing them to me and not telling them yourself at all.”

Security: “That’s what I’m supposed to do.”

Me: “No, you’re supposed to help control them.”

Security: “I AM!”

(Suffice to say, he didn’t last a week.)

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