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The Jean-Grey To My Scott Summers, Part 3

Romantic | January 24, 2013

(I have a great relationship with my boss, so she knows I have a lot of issues with my future mother-in-law. I have just had a truly awful Christmas experience with her lying and manipulating my fiancé over her coming into town for the holidays, and a several hour long conversation where she told me everything I was thinking about for my wedding was wrong and against their family traditions.)

Me: “I just don’t want her involved. She already tried to make the engagement all about her, and now she’s doing the same thing for the wedding!”

Boss: “Well, what are you going to do about it? She’s not going away if you keep him in your life.”

Me: “I think I’m going to announce a really horrendous wedding theme. Remember that one girl who’s renting the hall next door who’s theme is ‘Monsters and Rainbows’? Yeah… I’m gonna go with ‘Drag Queens and Superheroes’!”

Boss: “I am not dressing up as a drag queen!”

Me: “No no no! You’re a woman! You have to pick a male superhero to dress up as!”

Boss: “So, what, he’ll be Wonder Woman?”

Me: “Sure, why not? I can be Superman!”

Boss: “And how will he feel about this?”

Me: “I’ll text him right now.”

(I text him the idea, having a lot of fun with the joke as various co-workers are picking superheroes.)

Fiancé: “Noooo! That’s the worst idea ever!”

Me: “It’s just a joke!”

Fiancé: “Not that! I can’t be DC! I hate DC! I’ll be Jean Grey and you can be Cyclops.”

Me: “If I am any X-men ever, I am Wolverine.”

Fiancé: “Our slash-fic shall live forever.”

Me: *to my boss* “Yep, he’s officially perfect. I’ll take him even with a side of crazy mom.”


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