The IT Team Must Be Really Bored These Days

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I work in what amounts to a call center, so 98% of my job involves talking to people. Due to current circumstances, my job has become 100% remote. This isn’t really an issue, as I have my own wireless headset which I purchased myself.

One day, however, I accidentally damage the dongle which allows the headset to connect to my computer, and now the headset is completely useless. I talk to my boss since I literally can’t do my job without a headset, and she tells me to contact IT for a replacement.

IT Person #1: “[University] Help Desk, how can I help you today?”

Me: “Hi. My headset broke and my team lead told me I should call you guys to get a new one.”

IT Person #1: “Certainly! We’ll ship it ASAP.”

She confirms my details and I assume that is the end of it. In the meantime, I dig up an old wired headset which is far from ideal but will get the job done until my replacement arrives. We use Internet-based software to make calls, so I need to use a headset with a microphone that can connect to my computer as opposed to, say, my cell phone. A few days after I make the call to IT, I get an email that a comment has been added to my ticket.

IT Person #2: “I am reaching out regarding your headset issue. Is the headset for [Software]? We would also need to work with you on troubleshooting issues. Please contact us to resolve this issue.”

Me: “It’s not an issue with [Software] at all. The dongle to my wireless headset is physically broken, and the headset cannot be used. I need a replacement headset.”

The next day:

IT Person #3: “Thank you for that information. I just need to confirm if this is a [Software] headset. Please contact us to troubleshoot.”

A few hours later:

IT Person #4: “Thank you for the information you provided on [Date]. Please contact [IT Manager] with the information on what needs to be replaced. I have escalated this request to a Level III representative.”

Me: “To be clear, I am not asking for help with my broken headset. I bought it from a private company with my own money and it is physically broken. I cannot use it and I cannot do my job without a proper headset. Should I still contact [IT Manager]?”

The next day, I get a private message through Microsoft Teams from [IT Person #5].

IT Person #5: “I will go ahead and email [IT Manager] on your behalf. Can you please clarify what is wrong with your headset?”

Me: “My wireless headset is broken. The tines of the dongle snapped off and it cannot connect.”

IT Person #5: “I meant the headset we originally gave you, not the wireless one.”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I left it at the office.”

IT Person #5: “Request submitted. I will be closing the ticket. Please let us know if you need any other help!”

I really hope my headset ACTUALLY gets shipped, and I won’t have to go through another five people to clarify a rather simple request.

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