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The Incomplete Picture Of Bad Service

| Working | May 4, 2017

(I am browsing through the vendor stalls at a large convention with some friends. As we are looking at posters my friend points out a poster for an anime I love being moved around by one of the sellers. He puts it back in the stack behind the counter so quickly we can’t see the picture clearly.)

Me: “Excuse me; I would like to see the [Anime] poster.”

Vendor #1: “…”

Me: “It’s the one in the stack with the corner sticking out. If you could just pull it out for me—”

Vendor #2: *turns around and rummages through the rolled posters, pulling out and unrolling a copy of the poster a third of the way so I can see the anime’s name, but not the bulk of the picture, then rolling it back up* “That’s ten dollars.”

Me: “I’d like to see the whole picture, please.”

(The second vendor rolls his eyes and puts away the poster, without showing me the rest of it. The first vendor continues to ignore me.)

Me: *to Friend* “If it’s going to be this difficult for them to complete a simple task and treat their customers nicely then they aren’t getting my money.”

(From the little bit of the poster that I did see, the picture was nice enough that I would have bought it, if only the sellers weren’t so rude!)

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