The Inattentiveness Of The Contrarian Librarian

| Working | June 20, 2015

(Our library has recently started a new policy where you have to physically bring in the person you want to allow to pick up your books for you to put them on your account. My dad and I dutifully go in one day to that. Also, inter-library loans are books that come from outside of the city’s system and have extra rules.)

Me: “Picking up.”

(I hand the library assistant my card, which she scans then heads into the back to retrieve my book.)

Librarian: “This is an inter-library loan. I need to see your ID.”

Me: “No problem.” *I hand it to her*

Librarian: *looking at my ID* “I’m not really allowed to do this. [My Name] is supposed to pick up her own books.”

Me: “Uh… that’s me.”

Librarian: “Well, it’s just for security reasons. You aren’t listed on her account to pick up her books.”

Me: “But this is my account…”

Librarian: “I’ll let it go this time, but you need to tell [My Name] that in the future she has to come in and pick up her own books or come in with you to put you on her account.”

Me: “That’s fine, but that’s my book. I’m [My Name].”

Librarian: *finally scanning my book to finish the check out* “Remember to tell [My Name] about the new procedure.”

Me: “Thanks.”

(I haven’t seen this woman since and what’s really funny is that the other librarians know my dad’s and my name and face, and head to the back to get our books before we even get to the desk.)


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