The Ice Queen Cometh!

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I work at a fast food store in a mall with a self-serve pop machine. I’m young and relatively new to this job; since it’s my first job ever, I’m nervous to not follow instructions perfectly. My manager has gotten very upset with me twice already this week for dirty counters, smudge marks, and wet sinks overnight. It is closing time and all of the counters are wiped down and sanitized, with no smudge marks to be found. It is only me and one other coworker there; both of us are getting ready to leave.

Customer: “Are you guys closed?”

Me: “Yes, sorry.”

Customer: “Can you still get me a glass of water with ice?”

I think about touching the counters and using the sink and then recleaning the ice scoop once I’m already out of uniform and rushing out. There is a self-serve machine literally one foot to her right.

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t, my manager is really strict. There is a self-serve pop machine right beside us that dispenses ice and water for free, though.”

I hand her a cup and my biggest “sorry” smile before turning around and running to get something I forgot from the back. My coworker passes me as she heads out the front, where the lady is about to leave. Suddenly, I hear the sound of my coworker yelping and the sound of something hitting our cupboards.

Coworker:Ow! What the f***?”

I run out to check on my coworker and see her holding her arm with ice cubes at her feet. The random lady is laughing manically. She starts to run away but turns around to hurl ice she got from the pop machine at me.

Me: “Ow, dude! What?!”

Customer: “That’s what you get for not getting me ice, b****!”

Me: “Did she just… chuck ice at you?”

Coworker: “She straight-up pitched a handful at me!”

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