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The Hungry Dead

| Friendly | January 30, 2014

(We’re having a marathon of seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’ to refresh our minds for the premier. My girlfriend is there, as well as a mutual friend of ours and a friend of mine who has not met my girlfriend before. It’s just passed a particularly gory scene at the end of one of the episodes.)

Girlfriend: “Who’s hungry?”

Me: *laughing “We could order a pizza?”

Mutual Friend: “Sounds good to me!”

Friend: *to my girlfriend* “How can you even THINK about eating after seeing that?”

Girlfriend: “Why are you only asking me that question?”

Friend: “Because you’re the only girl in the room.”

Girlfriend: *smiling* “Oh so you’re just being rude, then?”

Friend: “Well, usually women get grossed out by that.”

Girlfriend: “Do I look grossed out by that?”

Me: *to friend* “Hey, man just relax. And no, don’t assume I’m siding with her cause she’s my girlfriend I’m siding with her because she’s right, you are being rude.”

Girlfriend: *staring at the image on the screen* “Hey does that look like sausage links to you guys?”

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