The House Bunny

| Romantic | September 10, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are resting. I creep up to the bed, and plant a very light kiss on the tip of his nose.)

Boyfriend: “That was a bunny rabbit kiss!”

Me: “What? How would you know what a bunny rabbit kiss is like? Are you cheating on me with a bunny rabbit? I’ll cut her!”

Boyfriend: “No, but isn’t that what you’d imagine a bunny rabbit kiss would be like? They would hop…hop…hop up close.” *he moves his face closer to mine with each ‘hop’* “Then they’d sniff.” *wriggles his nose against mine* “And then they’d…” *plants a light kiss on my nose*

Me: “I guess that is how they’d do it!” *I plant a ‘bunny rabbit’ kiss on his nose again, then pretend to eat his nose* “Om nom nom. I’m a bunny zombie!”

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