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The Hotel Was Not In Concert With Your Plans

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I finally got to see my favorite band in March. My fiancé and I drove three hours to do so. We left home late and had to go straight to the concert. We called the hotel to let them know we’d be there after the concert. The receptionist said no problem, even though the website said reservations wouldn’t be held after a certain time. I pointed that out and asked if she needed my information to pass on so I wouldn’t have trouble later. She assured me it would be no trouble. 

Lo and behold! When we arrived, there were “no rooms.” After waiting thirty exhausting minutes in the lobby and watching an obvious hookup walk through the lobby a few times, the front desk manager found us a room. We trudged around to the elevator, which was stained, dimly lit, and damaged. 

We found the room pretty easily. I wish we hadn’t. 

  •   The door was loose on its hinges and had obvious fire damage on the inside.
  •   There was a vacuum just inside the room, propped up on the wall next to the bathroom.
  •   The cord was torn and the dumb thing couldn’t stay upright on its own. We put it in the hall.
  •   The tub in the bathroom was stained. The dryer was hanging off the wall and was obviously not functional.
  •   The carpet in the room was cigarette burned, as was the duvet on the bed.
  •   The bolts holding the TV down were loose and scraped. The nightstand was broken — badly.
  •   The brightest lighting was barely more than a streetlamp. 
  •   The air conditioning unit was broken.
  •   There were dirt and dust everywhere. 

We did not stay for more than five minutes, and the only reason we stayed as long as we did was so I could charge my cell phone, which had been taking pictures all night, naturally. 

We asked the desk to refund our money and were told the manager would have to handle it in the morning. 

Of course, we left immediately.

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