The Hostess With Mostessssssst

| Working | July 24, 2017

(My husband and I approach the host stand in a restaurant where you do NOT seat yourself.)

Husband: “Table for two, please.”

Hostess: “Do you know where you want to sit? Iiiinsiiiide, ouuuutsiiiide?” *she continuously drags out her words as she talks*

Husband & Me: “Inside, please.”

Hostess: “Okaaaay… do you knoooooow… where? Like, what tabllllle? Over therrrrrre?” *gestures to one side of the dining room* “Or therrrrre?” *gestures to other side* “Orrrrr…” *trails off*

Husband: *to me* “Let’s just go sit down somewhere.”

(We went over to a table and seated ourselves. The hostess waited until we sat down, and then came to the table with menus. I’m not sure she actually knew what a hostess does.)

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