The Honor Is All Hers

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(My younger sister is playing video games at home. She has just finished crushing someone in a fight.)

Sister: *laughing maniacally* “Ha-ha, I have WON AGAIN!”

Sister: *listening to other players*

Sister: *to other players* “But it’s an honor to lose to me!”

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  • Jackie Fauxe

    I was originally appalled by the amount of trash talk I overheard my thirteen-year-old brother using on Xbox, but, after I watched him for a bit, I realized that he did all of his trash talk off mic and was actually really nice on mic. Like he’d yell “oh my god, dude, you’re terrible; get off my team” but when the guy died my brother would sincerely say to him “hey, good try, you’ll get them next time” and other stuff like that.

    I’d rather he didn’t trash talk at all, of course, but I’m happy that he knows to keep it to himself (and those of us within earshot).

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    This may have been one of my cousins