The Holiday Spirit Takes Flight

| Working | December 24, 2015

(I am standing in line at the airport. I am in the military and have just finished basic training and have two days to get home, spend Christmas with my family, and return for advanced training.)

Airport Employee: “Can everyone line up in order of your being called.” *reads list of ticket holders* “Okay, thank you. Now the flight has been overbooked so some of you are going to have catch the next flight, which is scheduled for tomorrow.”

(They start boarding everyone and stop when they get to the couple in front of me clearly together.)

Employee: “Oh, I am sorry, you two. There is only one seat left.”

(Everyone behind me groans and many start drifting off to make other arrangements, an option I don’t have because I am in Missouri and home is Washington.)

Husband: “Honey, they are your parents. You should get the seat.”

(The wife turns to talk to him and notices me:)

Wife: “Uhm, hey, where are you headed?”

Me: *startled, realizing she is talking to me* “Oh, I am trying to get home for Christmas see my wife and family.”

Husband: “Where are you from?”

Me: “Washington.”

(I can see them doing quick calculations in their head before I can say anything more they both look at the employee and tell her almost together:)

Them: “Let him have the seat.” *to me* “Thank you for your service.”

(I am holding back tears. I missed Thanksgiving for the first time in my life and Christmas is my first chance to go home. The employee leads me on to the plane, being part of the flight crew. After showing me my seat, she brings by a headset, and when I try to pay her she won’t take my money.)

Employee: “Honey, your money’s no good here. Thanks for keeping us safe.”

(I want them to know how much that meant to me. I went home and spent time with my dad. He died before I returned home again. If it hadn’t been for that couple I would have missed that. Thanks, wherever you are.)

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