The Hiring And Firing Of Captain Literal

, , , , | Working | June 10, 2020

This story is about getting fired before even starting. We have a production plant with several production lines and work 24/7 in three shifts a day. Every team consists of ten regulars and, when needed, we get some temporary employment to cover.

Because of the nature of our product, everything is always dirty and dusty. Our work environment is quite rough; therefore, the kind of people working as temps are not the most educated. We don’t care as long as they do their jobs.

We have an afternoon shift, and at the start of the shift, our supervisor comes to greet everybody, give instructions, and drink a cup of coffee together. The whole team is there with the new temp. 

Hands are shaken and introductions being made. Then, the supervisor asks the new guy, “Where are you from?”

Immediately, the new guy, who is probably about eighteen, answers, “My mother’s c***.”

The supervisor looks at him and tells him there’s nothing to be done today and he can go home. The supervisor signs off his timesheet for one hour and we never see him again.

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