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The Hippocratic Loaf

| Working | January 25, 2013

(My husband is suffering from a long term illness that causes him extreme pain. One night after dinner, he collapses and I drive him to the hospital, but I can’t carry him from the car to the ER. I go inside and try and ask the receptionist for help.)

Me: “Hello! Do you have a wheel chair my husband can use? He can’t get out of the car.”

Receptionist: “Sorry, our wheelchairs are for patients only.”

Me: “Well, how is he supposed to get out of the car? He can’t walk, and I can’t carry him.”

Receptionist: “That’s really not my problem. When he checks in I can get him a wheelchair then, if he even needs one.”

(Panicked, I turn to another employee nearby.)

Me: “Please help me! I can’t get my husband out of the car and she won’t give me a wheelchair!”

(Hearing this, the receptionist shoots me a dirty look. However, the other employee just smiles.)

Employee: “I’d be more then happy to help you find a wheel chair for your husband, ma’am.”

(The employee happened to be an ambulance driver that stopped in for a cup of coffee. He not only found a wheelchair, but also helped me get my husband safely into the ER.)

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