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The Hidden A-Gender, Part 2

| Romantic | May 25, 2013

(I’m female, but people sometimes think I’m male, especially in photographs. My name is unisex, but I have a high voice. My classmates I chat with online are always putting me in group chats with a lot of other schoolmates that I don’t personally know. I’ve become friends with some of them in actual life. One male schoolmate I’ve been talking to online wants to meet after classes.)

Me: “Hi, [Schoolmate], nice to meet you offline.”

(He looks very surprised to see me.)

Schoolmate: “Wow, nice to meet you, too!”

Me: “You look pretty surprised. Am I much different than I appeared to be?”

Schoolmate: “Oh, man, this is going to sound stupid. Please don’t be mad.”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Schoolmate: “The photo you gave me online; I thought you were a guy.”

Me: “Ah, that happens at times. I’m used to being mistaken. Honestly, don’t worry about it. Wait, wasn’t I telling you about a necklace I got from my parents the other day? And the other girly stuff?”

Schoolmate: “Well, I guess you could say I’m used to it. I’ve dated guys who wear jewelry and that.”

Me: “Well, this is sure an interesting conversation. I didn’t know you were gay. I’m straight, though.”

Schoolmate: “Do you think I could I ask you out? I’m not gay; I’m bi.”

Me: “You’re really asking me?”

Schoolmate: “Yes.”

Me: “Let’s give it a try!”

(A year later, we’re still together.)


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