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The Heat Is On

, , , , | Working | July 31, 2018

(I’m very easy-going; I avoid confrontation. My coworker is a very outspoken country girl who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. I work in a warehouse for an organic soap company. During November and December it gets very cold — double-layers cold. My coworkers and I bring in a small space heater to have around so we’re not freezing our a**es off. One day, the owner comes in to check how things are going. Nothing seems unusual, until she sees the space heater.)

Owner: “You can’t have that here”

Coworker: “Why? It’s freezing!

Owner: “It’s wasting electricity! Unplug it!

(We’re all upset by this, but what can we do? Later on in the day, my coworker and I go into the main office to ask for some order forms. We walk in, and I almost have to start shedding layers. They have THREE heaters going. My coworker and I share a look; we can’t believe it. Finally, we get to the owner’s office, and what do we see under her desk? A space heater, bigger than the one we were using!)

Coworker: “[Owner], we need the order forms.”

Owner: “Oh, I have those here. Hang on.”

(She’s digging around in drawers.)

Me: “It’s warm in here.”

Owner: “Oh, I know! I just bought this lovely heater, because my feet get cold no matter how high I turn the thermostat.”

Me: Yeah, it does get pretty cold, especially in the warehouse.”

Owner: “Oh, I know. I try to avoid going down there because it’s so cold. I don’t know how you all handle it so well.”

Coworker: *eye twitches*

Owner: “I wish I could get everyone a personal space heater, but sadly we just don’t have the budget this month. I just can’t figure out why the energy bill is so high. Oh, here’s the order sheet.)

(I had to drag my coworker out of the office before she got herself fired.)

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