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The Hardest Class In High School

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(We have a substitute teacher in AP Environmental Science. His English isn’t the best, and he tries to take attendance. Unfortunately, our absentminded teacher has printed the seating chart backward.)

Substitute Teacher: “What going on here? Nobody’s in their seat!”

Class: “The chart’s backward! We can help you take attendance! Just let us help!”

Substitute Teacher: “NO! GET IN YOUR SEATS!”

Class: “We are in our seats! The chart is backward!”

Substitute Teacher: “Okay! Everyone put your hand up and swear you are giving me your correct name!”

Class: *rolling eyes and chuckling* “Yeah, we swear.”

Substitute Teacher: “No, you LYING! See, I don’t want to be hard! But you all behave so bad! YOU ALL MAKE ME SO HARD!”

(The class bursts out into uncontrollable laughter.)

Substitute Teacher: “See, now I have to be hard.”

(The substitute teacher calls security.)

Security: “What’s going on here? Here, I’ll take attendance.”

(The security attendant reads the chart backward and takes attendance without a hitch.)

Security: “Well, I suppose that’s that, then. The kids were right; the chart was backward.”

Substitute Teacher: “But these BAD kids! They make me HARD!”

(The security attendant finally understands that the sub doesn’t get what that means.)

Security: “Well… okay. I’ll just go, then.”

Class: “Well, sir, sorry we made you so HARD! We’ll try to keep you soft next time.”

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