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The Happiest ID On Earth

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(I go to Anaheim for a convention and then go to buy my annual ticket to Disneyland. Most, if not all hotels in Anaheim have a clerk available to sell tickets to Disneyland in the hotel lobby. After the clerk helps two customers in front of me, it’s my turn.)

Me: “I’d like one single-park ticket for Disneyland, please.”

Clerk: “Sure! What brings you out here?”

Me: “I came out here for Blizzcon and now I’m going to spend a day at Disneyland.”

Clerk: “Oh? Did you know Blizzcon attendees get a discount on their park ticket? I just need to see your badge, wristband, or ticket.”

Me: “Oh? I did not know that. Let me run up to my room and get my badge and wristband real quick.”

Clerk: “Of course!”

(I then make my way back to my room, get my badge and wristband, and come back downstairs. The clerk is helping another couple in front of me. They are buying one single park ticket. When it comes time for him to pay, I notice his ID card.)

Me: “Retired military? What branch?”

Man: “Air force.”

Me: “Nice. My father retired a few years ago. Army.”

Man: “Very nice!”

Clerk: “Oh? Sir, since you were military, you are entitled to a military discount.”

Man: “Really?”

Clerk: “Oh, yes! You actually qualify for a three-day pass and it costs two dollars less than the single day pass you just got. I just need to see your military ID.”

Man: “Okay! Let’s do that, then!” *looks to me* “Thanks for that!”

Me: “Oh, it’s not a problem.”

(She proceeds to refund the man his two dollars and print two new tickets, these for three days in Disneyland instead of his original single day. After they leave…)

Clerk: “How did you know he was military?”

Me: “My father was in the Army, so I easily recognize military ID cards.”

(So, not only did I get a discount for going to a convention, which was enough for me to get the photo pass, but I also inadvertently help a couple get a better deal at Disneyland: three days for the price of one. It was a good weekend all around.)

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