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The Handwritings’ On The Wall

| Friendly | May 18, 2016

(We’re doing a get to know you quiz. Each answer is written on a separate slip of paper that is put in a bag to pull out. Then a person reads off a random answer and tries to match it with someone. The first round, so far all the correct answers were matching with someone they already know but incorrect when guessing. The person is revealed if we are wrong three times.)

Me: “Favourite holiday destination: Moscow.” *points to Boy #1*

Boy #1: “Amazing. That’s correct.”

(Next round:)

Me: “First job: Babysitting my toddler cousin when I was 11. I was paid.” *points to Boy #1*

Boy #1: “How did you know that? And twice. I never met you before.”

Me: “Your handwriting.”

Girl #1: “How can you tell by handwriting?”

Me: “First of all, you should all have at least one answer which is in the same handwriting as another. We have ten people here and there are ten questions so it’s given we have at least two answers by the same person because we gave back the question if it’s our own. Also it’s extremely likely that we have more repeats.”

Boy #1: “I see. That’s smart.”

Girl #1: “Oh, my god, these two have the same handwriting.”

Girl #2: “Here as well. Actually three.”

Boy #2: “Here, too!”


Girl #3: *my friend* “Wait. But how did you know it was his?”

Me: “That’s the second thing. When we were writing I noticed him using his left hand, no one else. This handwriting looks left-handed.”

(Cue more exclamation of surprises. Next round:)

Me: “If you had to get a tattoo what would you get: Some animal, maybe a parrot or snake.” *points to Girl #2*

Girl #2: “Now how did you do that? Handwriting again?”

Me: “Yes. I noticed you writing in pencil. Oh. And so did he.” *points to [Boy #3]* “But this handwriting looks girly.”

(Cue yet more exclamation of surprises. No one else applied my tactics besides matching the same handwriting with one they already found out. Yay for good observation and my dabble in handwriting analysis!)

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